Monday, October 09, 2006

First domestic blog

I thought as I have marketed myself as a city socialite and a domestic goddess I should at least give you some proof of my claims. After getting a delightful South West Train home, which went by quite quickly as I am reading a book called Shattered by Mavis Marsh which is quite engrossing and a remarkable story, I came home and watched an episode of Hollyoaks. Quite what Becca is thinking agreeing to marry Justin after one failed marriage already as she is unsure about it - well I could rant about the stupidity of some things forever, but as I must remind myself its only fictional. The character that plays Becca was in a London pub a few months ago and is just as beautiful in real life. Damn her!

Anyway, as I was saying - proof of my domestic goddess-ness, I came home and did all the washing up and now sitting in the oven waiting to be demolished is a home made shepherds pie. I might even do some ironing later. Oh the thrills of a happy home!

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