Monday, October 09, 2006


Welcome to my blog - this is my first ever post and I'm quite excited. I like the anonymity this is going to give me to brag, boast, grumble and gossip about life. Right now I am at work so I really shouldn't be doing this, but it is Monday morning and I am shattered so if I wasn't doing this I would probably have my head down on my desk.

Anyhoo - the reason I chose to start this blog is that I consider myself a nice person, so that when people do things that annoy me I find it very difficult to tell them so. So...... what better way to release myself of this pent up annoyance (rather than anger) than to moan and grumble freely on my very own blog. And I won't even know if no one bothers to read it! So this will be my personal Room 101. But don't feel depressed, I will also jump and shout about the good things in my life too - like the fact that last week I got a payrise and I am so chuffed as I have a couple of horrid credit card bills which I can now (almost!) pay off - and I have a wedding to pay for so it was very nice news.

So, stand by in anticipation and await my ramblings.