Monday, October 09, 2006

Three Beautiful Things

I was reading the blog of Three Beautiful Things and what a lovely idea that is, I mean how many times do we focus on the bad things in life and oversee the little things that happen to us which brighten our day. So as a tribute to a fellow "half-full" blogger my three things for today are:

  1. Not feeling ridiculously tired at 6.15 this morning like I usually do on a Monday
  2. Getting a seat on the drain (Waterloo and City line) this morning right next to the glass bit and being able to rest my head for 5 minutes.
  3. Being sent an e-mail at 8.30am by one of the guys in the office telling me to come and help myself to Ferrero Rochers.

So, not bad for a Monday morning- and it certainly made me think about appreciating the little things.

I would like to implore fellow bloggers to try and remember the good things in life when all is lost - a few nice things I will always remember include:

  • The stranger who ran after me when I left £30 hanging out of the cashpoint because I was in a rush
  • The man who chased me and my partner down the street one night to tell us we had to buy a parking ticket as the car parks rules had recently changed thus saving us a £40 fine on our return
  • The man at the fruit and veg stand in the market who told me to pay him next week when I had run out of cash for my purchase (and I did!)

So if we think about it, I'm sure we can reinvent the famous Chicken Soup for the Soul.

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